KIARASH (Kid inspired autonomous robot Augmented with sense of human) is an affordable platform with the 3D-printed body cover and the high strength aluminum frames equipped with human-liked sensors and an advanced computational power.
The dynamic motion ability enable the platform to be used for entertainment ,education and research KIARASH it has been focused on robustness,weight reduction and also nimble reaction.


self-maintenance kit
adjust omin-directional walking

Includes wireless remote communication
3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, detection microphone
Default walking speed : 30.0 cm/sec-user modifiable gait
Management controller : ARM CortexA4 STM32F103 700MHZ
20 actuator modules (6 DOF leg×2+3 DOF arm×2+2 DOF neck )
Battery (30 minutes of operations ),charger , and external power adapter
Includes DRS-201 & DRS-401 durable Herkulex actuators with metallic gears
Embedded PC : Intel Celeron processor 1037U (dual core) , 2GB DDR3 , 64GB SSD
Management controller : ARM CortexA4 700MHZ


Empowered  by Herkulex
• Input voltage :7-12V DC
• Stall torque
• Maximum speed :0.147s/60°@7.4V
• Operating angle :320°
• Resolution :0.325°
• Temperature :0 to 85°c
• Feedback : position ,speed ,temperature ,load ,voltage etc.
• Control Algorithm : PID , feedforward ,trapezoidal velocity profile ,velocity override , torque saturator and offset