SR-RH4D Ares Hand

The RH4D (formerly DH4D) is a 3 finger Robot Hand designed as an advanced gripping solution for Robots 50~100cm tall, including Robotis Darwin OP/2.

The underactuated design provides 11 degrees of freedom (4 actuated) and enables seamless handling of objects with different forms and shapes.
Users have control of wrist rotation, wrist flexion, opposable thumb and index fingers.
At 200grs this hand can be installed in pairs (Left/Right) and quickly extend existing Dynamixel systems or connect directly to any robot either via UART or USB interface.

The platform runs an advanced ARM Cortex M4 @96Mhz and boasts innovative design features such as the magnetically attached fingers, the adaptive finger design and control using well known interfaces such as the Dynamixel protocol.

Most importantly, all actuated DoFs provide real-time current sensing  and current based torque control. Current measurement is available in both filtered and raw form to best fit the user's needs.


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Key Facts for Researchers:

º 3 fingers with independent control of Opposable thumb.
º Underactuated with a total of 11 Degrees of Freedom (4 actuated)
º Compatible with the Dynamixel bus and protocol
º Additional USB interface for researchers not using Dynamixel.
º Configurable communication speed up to 4.5Mbps on Dynamixel Protocol and 10Mbps over USB.
º Dedicated, real time Force Sensing on each joint, provided in Filtered and Raw value.
º Real time feedback of all parameters on each joint: position, speed, load (a filtered form of force).
º Extra safe: configurable "cut-off" force provides additional protection when developing Human Robot Interactions.
º Compatible with ROS and Pypot (using open source 3rd party libraries)

Key Facts for Robot builders:

º Fully compatible with the Dynamixel bus and protocol.
Available in TTL (3pin) and RS485 (4pin) versions.
º Versatile attachment design fits most Robot frames.
( Directly compatible with Robotis OP/2 frames. )
º Configurable start-up behaviour: torque off (standard) or neutral position on power up. Enables immediate reuse of motions and algorithms previously designed.
º Basic built in force controlled motions enable rapid development of applications making use of Force Sensing.
º 5th Virtual Actuator consolidates the most common functions of the hand for users looking for RAD.
º Available in two Shell colors: White or Black to fit your Robot look.