SR-RH7D Eros Hand

Designed with Dexterity and Social Interaction in mind

The RH7D Eros Hand features series-elastic actuation on wrist joints, with force sensing and control available on all actuated degrees of freedom.
The opposable thumb design can mimic the most important human grips and offers almost unlimited hand expressions for the design of rich interactions.

Built on a foundation of reliability and robustness

As an evolution of the RH4D, the Eros hand features the same magnetic detachment system that protects finger joints in the event of impacts.
The under actuated design eases the tasks of control and improves efficiency by conforming to different shapes and sizes of objects.

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Palm optical distance sensor
Force sensing on all actuated joints
Position feedback with differential position on series-elastic joints.

Dynamixel Protocol 1.0 & 2.0
Seed Robotics SHSP Protocol
Robotis Darwin OP/2 Framework
(ROS and PyPot support enabled through third party, open source, libraries)

Total degrees of freedom: 16
Actuated degrees of freedom: 7
Series elastic actuation on wrist joints.

Technical Data
Weight: 285g
Cortex M4 @ 96Mhz
Power: 9V-24V.
Half Duplex TTL/RS485 or Full Duplex TTL interface up to 4.5Mbps
USB Interface up 10 Mbps