iSoccerBot® Robot Soccer System is designed for FIRA RoboWorld Cup under MIROSOT category. This award-wining systems features high-speed soccer robot, proprietary locomotion algorithm and computer vision system. It is simple to setup and provides stable and robust performance under varying ambient environments. The strategy part of the program is open to user to develop their own game playing strategy. Our champion winning strategy will be provided as examples.

It is ideal for robot enthusiasts who are interested in taking part in the sports of robot soccer. It is also an ideal platform for programmer to test their program in real robot playing. Our strong technical support and after sales service will eliminate the hassle in hardware.

FIRA Mirosot game is a pupular robot soccer game held by FIRA in different countries every year, as well as anually in Singapore Robotic Games.

For sales inquiries for iSoccerBot systems, please Contact Us。 As official game partner with FIRA, we provide special promotion for teams that is interested in participating the game

The features of our system are:
High speed industrial camera for computer vision
high speed soccer robot with good acceleration and turning capability
Long battery life and easy to recharge
Closed-loop control for robot motion
Electronic stability control by gyroscope
Robust machine vision algorithm with least sensitivity to ambient lighting condition
Easy to use machine vision calibration interface
Programming by Borland C++
World Championship Winning System (2011 FIRA Mirosot Champion, 2011 IROC Mirosot Champion, 2013 FIRA Mirosot Champion, Singapore Robotic Games 2011 Mirosot Champion)
Championship soccer game strategy is included as reference
Training provided upon request

Training Topics:
iSoccerBot System operation and maintenance
Color training and calibration for computer vision
Robot soccer motion function toolkit
Basic and advanced programming for strategy

How is Robot Soccer game Played
The robot soccer game that iSoccerBot is designed for is started and organized by FIRA (The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) from Korea, which saw its first internation championship held in 1996 KAIST Korea.

Game Rules:
Like the human soccer game, the objective of the game is to score goals against your opponent team. The game is played in small league (3 vs 3), middle league (5 vs 5) and large league (11 vs 11).

The robot players are wheel based and they score the goal by pushing the orange golf ball into the opponent goal area. There is no restrictions to how the goal is scored and how the team is defending, exept not to violate the following rules
1. Over Defending: Not more than THREE robot players (including goal keeper) are allowed in your own penalty area. Violation will result in penalty kick.
2. Charging Goalkeeper: The goal score is only valid when the opponent goal keeper is not pushed any offending players during the scoring attempt.

There are other rules like time-out call or free kick under dead ball situation. You may find details in FIRA Mirosot Robot Soccer Rules.

Length of Game:
The game consists of two half time, with 5 minutes for each half. Any stoppage time is not counted in the game time.

The game referee is a qualified human being.

Playfiled for the game:
The games is playing in playfield (soccer pitch), whose physical dimensions is specifiied in the FIRA Mirosot Robot Soccer Rules

Robot Specification:

The robot player must conform the following specifciations
1. Size: Not bigger than 75mmX75mm.
2. Color ID: The robot must carry color ID that is contain BLUE or YELLOW color.
3. Dribbling Scoup: If the robot is eqipped with dribbling scoup, the depth of the scoup should be more than 30% of the golf ball diameter

Like human soccer game, the robot soccer game is a very exciting and entertaining with the robots are charging at 3m/s speed. You may refer to our game highligh video clip for more insights.