Tetra DS-IV Advanced 2WD Robotic Platfrom

• Advanced 2WD Robotic Platfrom
• Flexible & Versatile
• Revolutionary Performance
• Easy Maintenance & Upgrade
• Reduction Ratio: 15:1


• Advanced 2WD Robotic Platfrom
• Flexible  & Versatile
• Revolutionary Performance
• Easy Maintenance & Upgrade
• Reduction Ratio: 15:1

The Tetra DS-IV Advanced 2WD Robotic Platfrom is an advanced indoor robot platform used for developing and testing autonomous robot locomotion technology and programming. It is composed of the body and control boards. Modular design of the control boards allow for easy maintenance and future upgrade.

Use of differential drive and high performance AC servo motor provides superior speed and payload handling to the platform. Mounting holes are provided at top of the platform to conveniently attach various sensors and devices utilized for developing autonomous movement software.


• Supported Programming Languages : C
• Supported PC OS : Win XP, Linux 32bit
• Motor Power - 100 Watt
• DRCP Modular Control H/W Platform : Simple Wiring, Easy Maintenance
• Serial UART(RS232C) Protocol or DRSP-HAL (Optional) Selectable
• Optional DRSP-HAL (Dongbu Robot Software Platform Hardware Abstraction Layer)
- XML-based Control Platform / Linux OS
- Unified TCP/IP communications API for Easy Hardware Control
- Optional VIA SBC (Single Board Computer) required




Driving Part

• Locomotion: Differential Drive (AC Servo Motor)
• Speed: Max, 2.0m/sec
• Encorder Resolution: 1 50,000 Pulses (per a wheel rotating)
• Wheel Base: 380mm
• Clearance: 67mm
• Wheel Diameter: 240mm


• Run Time: Max. 14hours (with Li-Po Batt, with no accessories)
• Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
• Battery: 2.4, Li-Po (20Ah), Ni-Mh (10Ah) and Lead Acid (7A) High Capacity included


• Hardware: Emergency Switch
• Battery Protection: Low Voltage System Cut-Off (for Li-Po battery)
• Alarm Protocol:
- Overcurrent, Low voltage, Overload of Drive Module
- Wire Disconnection & Wrong Wiring
- Encorder Disconnection, Encorder PPR, Excessive Error
- Low Battery Alarm (LEO)
- Motor Cut-Off when alarm occurs
Power Ports for Optional Peripheral (On/Off Control, Cut-Off Available):

• Port 1 : 24V(5A) for Optional Single Board Computer
• Port 2: 12V(3A) for LCD Monitor
• Port 3 & 4 : 2V(2A) for Laser Scanner
• Port5: 12V(1A). 5V(1A) for Stargazer
• Port 6 :12V(2A). 5V(1 A) for Sensors (Ultrasonic and etc.)
• Port 7 : 8.1 V(2A) for Dongbu Herkulex Actuators
• Port 8 : 24V(3A) for Spare (No On/Off)
• Port 9 : 24V( 10A) for Spare (No On/Off)
• Port 10 : Charging & Battery (No On/Off, No Cut off)


• Power Status ( Drive Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Laser Scanner, SBC, Stargazer, Embedded Board, and LCD)
• Battery Voltage and Current Consumption
Optional Via SBC (Single Board Computer)
• Processer: 1 3CHz VIA Nano
• System Memory: IC DDR2
• HDD : 8CB CF Card
• Serial Port: 4Port• 1 X VCA
• l X Rj-45LAN PORT
• 2 X USB 2.0 Port


• Dimension: (L) 473 X (W) 430 X (H) 262mm
• Weight: About 20kg
• Payload: Max. 80kg

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